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13.08.2019 09:52
How to Install and Set-up of QuickBooks Mac Desktop? antworten

QuickBooks is not only the backbone of the accounting software these days but also with the increase in market share along with QuickBooks for Mac which is the desktop version of the QuickBooks and the version of the QuickBooks for the Apple operating system. The Premier, Pro and Enterprise which are the three versions of the QuickBooks Desktop and many of the companies also opt for the Mac system in the office.

If also want to install along with setting up with the QUICKBOOKS Software in MAC Desktop. Then, it also reads the complete article and in the case which also needs with the Intuit Certified QuickBooks Expert call us at our QuickBooks Customer Service and thus it gets instant help. Following the below steps in Install and also setting up the QuickBooks MAC Desktopin Install and also setting up the QuickBooks MAC Desktop.

How to install QuickBooks along with MAC DESKTOP:

• First of all one could go for downloading along with QuickBooks Software through Intuit Website:
• One can get QuickBooks Support Site along with selecting the Mac version. Or one can also purchase with the QuickBooks Software CD from a retailer. If one can purchase it then a person can use CD Installer.

Note: If one could try to download the installer along with facing the difficulties with the process. You may also need to clear the browsers with the cache memory along with cookies with other browsers.

• One can download the setup from the site along with the QuickBooks Software in MAC desktop.
• Once after completion which goes to the location along with QuickBooks Software which got saved and also the double-click on the QB Executable file with the double-click on the QB Executable file with the run in terms of installation process.
• When extraction of the file gets completed and clicking “YES TO ALL” and if you want to know with the version of QUICKBOOKS Desktop which follows the link and thus following the link which one knows already about it.
• Then, one could click NEXT to start the installation.
• Reading the software License Agreement and if you agree then selecting or accepting the terms of the license agreement and thus click on NEXT.
• Now, one could enter the license along with product numbers and thus click on the NEXT.
• Then, get on the “Select” get the type of the installation along with the computer.

Express: One could get the help of EXPRESS, which could permit the installer along with making the suggested choices for you. One could include the replacement of the previous version through QUICKBOOKS if you get one.

Note: The accountant Edition does not get replaced with older years by default:

Custom and network options: Choosing with this option if you will be utilizing along with multiple versions of the QuickBooks desktop along with the desktop. One could utilize with QB to share the data with all others users in a network.

Now get on selecting where one could be using QuickBooks:

Note: If the selected Express in the previous steps along with skipping to the next step only:

 I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer:
 Select this option along with not using the QuickBooks in the system. Also, if you are installing on a MAC and it gets utilized which runs the QuickBooks and will not store the company file.
 I’ll be using QuickBooks on the computer and I’ll be storing through the company file here. So, it can get shared over the network. Choosing this option if you get running QB and along with storing sharing through the company file on the system with this machine.
 Now, just click on the next to install at the default directory and if a person wants to choose the older version which one can simply browse within the directory along with choosing the location and then just click the Next to proceed.
 At last, just click to “Install” to continue with just a click on Back and with the review on any of the previous screens.
 After completing the installation with activating the QuickBooks and you get all set.

How to set the QuickBooks in the Mac Desktop?
 If you get more than one client license and set up the QuickBooks in the multi-user mode and at the same time more than one client license. You may set up the QuickBooks in multi-user mode with all the client’s which access the file along with same time.
 To make it possible along with opening the multi-user folder:
 First of all one has to open the multi-user folder.
 After that just drag the QUICKBOOKS SERVER ICON to the application folder.
 Now, clicking along with authenticating to modify the application folder and then enter the admin username along with PASSWORD and then click on OK.
 With launching the QuickBooks along with just opening the companies file.
 Then, get to the file and selecting or enabling multi-user mode just to share the company file.

I hope the above given steps are easy and you are now able to install and setup your QuickBooks desktop Mac. In case you need any help you can contact to our QuickBooks Desktop Mac supportQuickBooks Desktop Mac support team at +1-800-880-6389.

Anna Julia
Accounting & Bookkeeping Manager
Comp Groovy LLC,
Contact Info: 1(800)880-6389

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