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16.12.2014 10:18
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2.Are you worried about disturbing her with a ringing phone, just in case she has found that 20 minutes to rest while her baby is napping? If so, send her an e-mail instead listing several things you find terrific about her.

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3.Really want to look like a hero? Then offer to help her out with a time jam. Suggest perhaps picking up her other kids from school, taking over a project she no longer has time for, or being her proxy at a meeting or an event.

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4.Tell her youl run an errand for her. Offer to pick up the laundry for her, or go grocery shopping for her.

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5.If things are bothering her, encourage her to get it all off her chest. Listen to her unconditionally while she vents. Just nod your head and don say a thing until she done. Shel feel much better.

6.Also, new moms love to brag about their children. h, you won believe what Brooke did this morning. She rolled over all by herself! She so far ahead of schedule. We think she may be gifted.?Just listen and smile.

7.Tell her you want to come over and pell?her for 20 minutes so she can lie down and rest. Even twenty minutes can be so rejuvenating.

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