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16.12.2014 10:21
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12.Along those lines, when the last time your friend got to the gym or a yoga class? If you belong to one, offer to take her as your guest. Many gyms now have a babysitting service while you work out.

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13.Next time you go to the bookstore or library, pick up a book for her. Just make sure it not another ow to Take Care of Baby?book. I guarantee she got plenty of those. How about some fun escapist fiction?

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14.While you are visiting the new mom at her house, step into the kitchen and start washing her dishes or wiping off sticky countertops or the floor. Don ask her, she won accept. Just do it.

Parajumpers Long Bear
15.Can Daddy watch the baby some night for a couple of hours? Suggest he baby-sit, then take her out to a movie. Or, how about shopping? Just remember to assure her that shel soon fit into those cute outfits she eying.

16.Women feet take a lot of abuse during pregnancy. It weird, but they usually grow a size or more and get really scruffy looking. How about offering to pamper her by giving her a pedicurer, the gift of one at nice local spa?

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