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06.01.2015 12:57
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Any time you move over, but carry on to swing the same way, your golf ball shall simply slice more in the wrong path. As opposed to compensating by moving to

another direction, take the time to improve your swing and be sure you're striking the golf ball square with the face of the golf club while lining up correctly

with the target. This will fix golf slice problems that come from overcompensation.

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Give close attention to your arm and wrist positioning whenever you are conducting your swing. Make sure you hold your wrists and hands in position throughout

your swing to correct golf slice problems. At no time must they come apart or rotate incorrectly. Keep the elbow on your trailing arm tucked in and keep your

leading elbow straight.

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Taking the club too high in the backswing is one common mistake made by people that slice the golf ball. To fix this condition examine the position of your

backswing at the top. Is the shaft of the club higher than your head or is it above your shoulder? The shaft should be above your shoulders or youe going too

high. Once you use a proper golf swing, you should feel your left arm cross your chest just a little while you backswing. The result will be a flatter or more

rounded golf swing that will also have more power!

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Your golf swing could be responsible for complications like slicing in your golf game. Employ hints like the ones in this article to fix your golf slice issues

and improve your all around game. You can develop a straight shot that gets to your desired target consistently if you make time to make sure your form is

implemented properly.

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