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The golf slice is certainly the hated nemesis of countless golfers virtually all around the world. Almost every single golf player is affected by this problem at some point or another. Oftentimes, the trick to fix golf slice challenges is as straightforward as addressing the problems with your golf swing. Generally, what is needed to fix the golf slice is a couple of tweaks to your swing movement. The hints in this article can assist you cure swing problems which are causing your drives to go off course.

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Taking the golf ball just a few inches forward or backward in a person's stance can impact consistency a great deal. The golf ball should align a couple inches inside your left heel (for right handers) when you're at address. An outside to inside swing path, which usually is a common cause of the golf slice, is often promoted by a setup where the ball is too far forward in the stance.
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On the other hand, a stance in which the ball is a bit too far back makes it hard to close the clubface on time which could result in a push slice. Setting up a consistent position can help you develop a repeatable swing and correct golf slice issues.

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A lot of golfers make an effort to compensate for their slice simply by looking to one side or the other of the target with their body and think this can fix their trouble. This is far from true though. You aren slicing the golf ball as a result of where you are standing; you're slicing as a result of the place on the face of the golf club you are coming into contact with the ball and which course the club is moving in.

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