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As soon as you identify the incoming ball as a forehand, quickly turn your shoulders and prepare by initiating your backswing.

3. Generally speaking, there are two common backswing styles. You can turn your shoulders and take the racket straight back of you can employ the loop styles

backswing (ala Andre Agassi or most other professionals for example). Ideally, you should prepare with the earliest and quickest backswing possible when first

starring out (see Serena Williams or Venus Williams for a great example).

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4. Contact the ball by swinging in a methodical and steady motion. If possible your contact point should be just below the ball in an attempt to "lift" the ball.

5. Following contact your racket should proceed upwards.

6. The forehand stroke typically ends by catching the racket with the non-dominant hand after contact or wrapping the racket over the non-dominant shoulder after


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. Throughout the stroke, try to keep your eye on the ball until contact.

8. Finally, after hitting, be sure to recover to the ready position in the middle of the court.

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The tennis technique tips above serve as a great start to developing an excellent forehand. Be sure to consult your tennis professional for expert guidance and

to ensure that your technique fits your body style. Get out there and enjoy!

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