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Forehand tennis technique can vary from person to person and is highly dependent on a number of different factors. Among the factors affecting the best forehand tennis technique for you are the following: age, body style, optimal style of play, agility, strength and more. One such factor is age. A younger player may be able to handle more extreme grips, larger swings, and other progressive tennis techniques whereas a seasoned player may benefit from more compact strokes and more traditional tennis grip choices.

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Why? As we grow older, the body is less able to handle stressful body movements and/or modern tennis fundamentals. As a result, consideration should be given to a person's age when making decisions on how to hit forehands. A good coach can assimilate information about a player and decipher the information to make the best decision on how a player can best optimize his or her forehand. Hitting a forehand is not as simple as some make it. Following a cookie cutter layout for stroke development is unwise. Each person has different capabilities so you are well advised to take time to think through what would work best for you.

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Roger Federer's classic style may work best for him but would not necessarily work best for a baseline grinder like Rafael Nadal who uses extreme topspin forehands to control the court. Although there are many variables to consider when deciding on the right backswing, stance, and follow through for your forehand stroke, most good strokes employ a few common technical elements including:

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1. Start in a good ready position. If you are just starting, use a continental or semi-western grip as your dominant hand ready position. Your non dominant hand should be on top on the grip which will allow you to be ready to hit a forehand or a backhand.

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