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09.03.2017 04:30
THE UPDATE OF RS antworten

Monday's Update
Lumbridge swamp has a couple of issues which is set.
No plans to give a wall behind Lumbridge ft.
Lore: The Lumbridge crater is when compared to a swimming pool along with grass.
The equipment interface was changed being according to the closet.
We will be monitoring it and will add a toggle/revert that.
Planned Updates
Bank Bidders has been postponed which is not being worked about.
Clue Scroll rework/Currency Tote Rework/Pet Park/Combat pets remain being done.
Difficult to complete due to the other projects.
Should be out prior to the first expansion.
Daily/Weekly improvements aren't planned for another month or two.
Event/News Calendar requires diverse teams, and the process have been prolonged.
Improve 120 broadcast connection, and added an numerous 120 achieved broadcast.
Ironman access to Fun time Furnace/Flash Powder Factor/Seren Spells is going to be worked on in spare time.
Stationary Tool Leprechauns was in the Ninja Back-log.
Tier 92 dyed gear modeling is performed, but the configs must be completed.
TzRek-Jad will be defined as a boss pet through the interface.
We will look into adding more what you should be Keepsaked.
We could look straight into identical Divine Location spacing.
No plans to supply a toggle to remove the particular warning while removing a whole new tree.
We could look into your Penguins/Snow remaining with your desert.
No plans to present a use for elephant seals after max reputations.

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09.03.2017 04:34
#2 RE: THE UPDATE OF RS antworten

March Updates!

General Information
There will be astound updates in March.
The tree-cutting elite skilling outfit will likely be released later this thirty days.
Static Spawn changes, and attack option problem.
Update ETA: March 13th.
Static Spawn rates derive from the current-rate of 1000 people (faster than present average).
Arc Improvements
Items and structures will not be stuck in each other/on-top of one other.
The Arc Journal will tell you the resources on ones claimed island.
New rewards, like the High Armour of Hanto, and its related tools.(more about runescape gold)
Buff Bar Improvements
Split it into lovers and debuffs, with separate interface.
18 Positive, and 12 Negative
Allow players to selection Buff icons.
Boss specific, Prayers Offensive abilities, Item Effects, Auras, Boosts, Overhead prayers, Defensive abilities, Pet effects, Status effects
New Icons: (Update 1)
4 Beastmast debuffs/1 Yak debuff
Enhanced Excalibur and Our blood essence cool-downs
Revenge Duration.
Tweaked Transfigure % health and fitness.
Stun Immune icon
Dreadnip timer
Contact @JagexShauny on Twitter updates for suggestions.
Luck Rework
Luck Rework Google Data file
4 Tiers of good luck categorized with in-game pastimes.
The Elite tier ring will work with the lower partitions.
There will be additonal items which boost luck.
Rare drop table drops could be a separate bonus drop.
The team is aware of the Switchscape situation.
Luck will affect different skilling activities, such as fishing.
Zamorakian Event
Similar to previous events like Deathbeards Demise.
Removed the some from the annoying interface flashing.
Improved the messages in the chat box.
We could look directly into adding previous untradeable event items to mystery-boxes.
There won't be another event this way next month.

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