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24.06.2017 09:56
Poetic Blooms styling with the Blush Facets antworten

Featuring an adorable Pandora Mickey Mouse themed clasp, this bracelet is the latest in a line of special edition Pandora bracelets. It is a tactic that must be proving lucrative for Pandora, as the bracelets are becoming almost as collectable as the charms. By my count, the variations on the traditional silver bracelet excluding two-tone or gold stands at: Lobster clasp; Pandora Plain silver heart clasp; Pandora Disney Parks clasp; Pandora Pave barrel clasp; Pave Heart clasp; Threadless bracelet with spherical clasp and Pandora Disney Mickey clasp. It is great pandora ring princess for dedicated collectors like us, who buy new bracelets fairly regularly; it is nice to have more options when starting a fresh design. In any case, read on for my thoughts on this latest new bracelet from Pandora!
Although this charm is undoubtedly the hardest of my new pieces to style, he is one of my favourites the level of detail is lovely and really very quirky, and I love that Pandora White Rabbit is so different and characterful in comparison with many of Pandoras other releases this season. I have still no real idea what I will pandora ringe neue kollektion do with him yet, but I love him nevertheless. It is a shame that he is so small but, with his bright colouring, perhaps that is not such a bad thing you might be able to get away with tucking him away into a design without too much of a clash! The thing that you do not realise from the stock image, however, is just how tiny this pendant is! It has a fair bit of detail, what with the different Pandora flowers, but it is small, even compared with other Pandora dangles. I would say too small to wear on its own as a necklace pendant. One obvious styling is to put lots of flowers together and here we have primroses, daisies and cherry blossoms! I do not have any dahlias or forget me nots.
It is the latest in a series of safety chains based on existing Pandora clip designs, this time on the Loving Pandora logo clip. However, if you were one of those who found the previous safety chains in this style too heavy or chunky, you will be glad to hear that Pandora has addressed this issue with the Logo safety chain. It is smaller compared to the Pandora Dainty Bow safety chain or Pave Star safety chain, and much more delicate on the bracelet itself. Perhaps this added daintiness contributes to the fact that, while it is quite a basic design compared to the other safety pandora ohrringe sale chains, it is surprisingly pretty in person. I really do like it.
The Rose Darling Daisy Meadow is one of my favourites and makes a nice centrepiece. For my spring bracelet design this year, I originally wanted to put the gorgeous Olive Facets with two of the delayed Flower Garden muranos. Seeing as Pandora has now delayed the Flower Garden to Summer 2016, that kind of put paid to that idea. In the meantime, I want to use my Olive Facets so I tried it with some soft enamel florals for something a bit different. What pandora charms sale online do you think? If you read my review of the new Pink Primrose silicone clips, you will have caught this Poetic Blooms styling with the Blush Facets. The warmer pinks bring out the paler pendant a little bit, and I love the contrast of the pinks with the brown leather bracelet.
So, next, I decided to do something a little more in keeping with Pandoras other charms. I think of the Pandora White Rabbit as something of a fantasy character, and I liked the idea of him hidden away amongst a meadow of flowers it is very much in keeping with the magic of childrens stories, of a whole other world going on just out of sight. In this kind of styling, he becomes one of another series of natural and magical characters, such as the Forest Fairy, Frog Prince or the Majestic Swan. It just adds a bit more interest to pandora ohrringe what would otherwise be a straightforward floral design. This next styling may seem a little odd. It is a British themed bracelet, with the prerequisite tea things and a red, white and blue colour scheme.

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