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24.01.2015 13:06
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Of course approximately zero cash is given out to scientists who question the nonsense of Globaloney warming. That seems fair to the impartial observer.

With all that money available to be cashiered what do you think the market effect is on institutes and scientists? Gee let me think. Hold on I think I can do this math.

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Option 1. I can become a cult believer, have influence over government policy, make a load of cash, get published, have media interviews and have hot chicks recognize me in swanky bars.

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Option 2. I can be a real scientist, dispute the unscientific basis behind Global warming, ask for grant money to dispassionately analyze climate cycles, receive no money, be a nobody and get attacked by the media for being a holocaust-eco warming denier and killer of mother Gaia, and eventually get fired for being unorthodox'.

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Maybe I will take a pass on Option 2 and go for the gold.

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