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12.05.2015 08:01
The absence of four of the very most fundamental stats antworten

I'll undergo my responses to each of your respective points one after another instead of a big old wall'o'text. It'll be happy thing to get a good site to sell rs account then sell rs account.

Really the only reason we're time-travelling anywhere happens because a rogue Bronze abused his powers. All of those other flight know the hazards of meddling with the past, no matter what helpful Rhonin and Brox were from the Legion over the War in the Ancients.

I'm quite much the same way concerning the amount of definably new content, but considering all of the core system changes to arrive the development you've actually got a great deal to look forward to. The absence of four of the very most fundamental stats in the game will change everyone's method of gearing completely, sufficient reason for Reforging apparently disappearing too it appears to be we'll be going back to pre-Cata gearing strategies where you have to make a conscious decision between one piece of iLvl685 gear and another. 35cxhyh

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