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12.05.2015 08:18
I am not saying saying take away the transmog gear antworten

I am not saying saying take away the transmog gear and mount drops from running it while tuned to the appropriate level, I'm just nevertheless should they added the alternative to tune it to some max level raid/dungeon I wouldn't expect, or require it dropping raid current raid level gear. Basically you'd probably nevertheless be competent to eat up Kara on your own and blast away bosses for xmog gear and a chance as well mount, and you could also fill a gaggle and navigate to the raid difficulty option and check "tune to max level" as well then all will end up in and fight the bosses and have absolutely to be concerned about mechanics and in some cases have, dare I only say, wipes happen. They could also provide it scale your gear down because it scales the bosses up.

By doing this they'd only have to retune once each 2007 rs gold . Find the bosses and mobs more hp and possess them hit harder and enjoy the gear be scaled down to heroic dungeon level gear (or even first tier xpac raid gear).Unlike this might actually happen. I'm sure I am from the minority for you seriously isn't a good enough deman on the players to obtain sunwell tuned to max level. 35cxhyh

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