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In RuneScape you'll be able to in the Wizard tower antworten

To start with, and is particularly perfectly found on the Wizard tower3 floor of the mage Mizgog dialogue with rs 2007 gold , asked him if he's an activity. He's going to show you the tiny devil took his magic beads, now he ask you to help him return to those beads. You should be Red, yellow, black and white Beads each. The beads are the level 2 Imps off, however you can also purchased from other players.

In RuneScape you'll be able to in the Wizard tower, south near Falador Varrock find little devils, even so the best place is Karamja island on the volcano, there are plenty of Imps. Although Imps only level 2, but they are not easy to kill .they generally in combat or teleport to walk throughout the place, furthermore, they fell all sorts of things, so collected all beads cumbersome. When you have Red, yellow, monochrome Beads, rewind and discover Mizgog mage, Beads to him, the duty was finished . jjldf989

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