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Antonia Cummins Offline

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05.10.2018 09:03
How globalization affects economy antworten

Globalization is the process of increasing economic, social, technical, political and cultural inter dependencies and relations between countries, organizations like this "24H Write My Essay" and people. It is related to the global spread and interpenetration of ideas, capital, technology and cultural elements.

Although contacts between relatively remote regions have existed since Antiquity , they only gained a truly global reach after the Great Geographical Discoveries of the 15th - 16th centuries. The rapid development of transport and communications equipment in the twentieth century has led to a rapid intensification of the globalization process with the expansion of international trade and capital transfer and the creation of the first global political institutions.

Globalization is a controversial process. There are different views and positions on the benefits and damages from it, which in many cases are influenced by more general ideological views. While supporters of globalization see it as a factor for global economic development, its opponents believe it is the cause of economic and environmental damage. The anti-globalization movement that arose at the end of the 20th century became known for its public demonstrations.

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10.10.2018 19:32
#2 RE: How globalization affects economy antworten

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10.12.2018 04:41
#3 RE: How globalization affects economy antworten

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Call my name, basketball games from afar. I will bring a smile back !

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