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15.06.2015 07:29
Throw down some wow gold and disappear having a camera antworten

Finally, a correct venue will bask inside my own glory. Forget creating a garrison and recruiting officers and followers, this is exactly about ME. I can finally take pictures of my beautiful mug and foist it upon a public.Right this moment, your camera’s still only available on PTR 6.1, but hopefully it won’t be an excessive amount longer before it gets released within the reg servers. I know a lot of hardcore folks like to dabble within the PTR’s, but I only ever check ‘em from hour and hour, why taste the bacon while it’s still about the fire, each time a little patience means you have a nice crispy, crunchy, succulent morsel. Ahem!

You possibly can’t just roll-up to your vendor, throw down some wow gold sale and disappear having a camera. You’ve got a chance to earn it. Basically, you can find the digital camera in the event you complete a brand new, rare, level 100 garrison mission called field photography. The mission itself clocks in at about 4 hours, so make sure to reserved an excellent chunk of your time, and when you'll want to, have ready cheap wow gold through the PIG, we've got ya covered.

As soon as you’ve got your camera, start taking pics. What’s cool is the fact as soon as you equip you, your character starts making all kindsa goofy faces. Duck faces, pouty blue steel’s… take your pick. It’s high-larious. It’s fashionable darn smart strategy to show off the good thing about all of the new character models. fifatd119

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