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25.06.2015 09:20
The wilderness is usually a dangerous place antworten

Risk war inside the wilderness: new brutal combat, will test your D&D stealth, operations to 2007 runescape accounts , and team cooperation skill from the biggest put in place the river's lake!Quercus ent of brutal war appeared within the wilderness. jjldf989

The wilderness is usually a dangerous place, this has for ages been the robber and rogue rich homes. What happened regardless of the recent rumours abound - excavation in Orlando Smith - they have begun to get together in together, larger, more organized group, killing and plundering: all inside name of god! Quercus is afraid them to turned into a threat on the balance around the globe, although he can't direct intervention, he is looking those who can.

Quercus will regularly send notification as warband camp from the wilderness. You should collect some powerful, reliable friend, gear, make your way in PKers there past along with other dangerous wilderness. In so doing, though, and skill, teamwork and enough courage, you'll be able to put the warband.

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