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02.07.2015 09:36
There are many runescape gold to find revenants antworten

use protect from magic prayer to present good all-round defence. Only bring 4 or 5 of one's best items plus the rest with things you are likely to lose. Additionally , you will need good food as well as a strenght potion (If melee).There are many <a href="">RS 3 gold</a> to find revenants including: Chaos Temple is to try and could also restore prayer here and hide, Western Ruins is the place all revenants respawn however you require a group simply because they teleport quickly and Bandit’s camp has provisions for healing and plently of buildings to hide in.

For combat: When soloing only be in 1 combat area as you're able be easily beaten be multiple revenants unless you fight within a crowded area like Chaos Temple using a busy world. It's also smart to fight in groups as it is challenging solo and you could use more tactics like tanking. Like a human they eat to heal and change attacks dependant upon your weakness but they are also weak to Crumble Undead.

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